Silly Girilly

Silly Girilly is a girls’ clothing line with a mission to ‘Create fun and durable clothing and accessories for active and adventurous girls that want to explore their world their own way.’ Their vision is to ‘To promote and support self-confidence, independence, curiosity, fun and self-organized learning for girls with minimal environmental impact.’

The Silly Girilly logo and identity were created as part of a case study for developing better branding style guidelines to increase the value of brand assets.

The identity includes a logo mark, bespoke wordmark, vertical and horizontal lockups, and a monogram. Silly Girilly’s primary logo is clean and geometric yet fun, friendly and full of personality. The monoline combination mark has a reliable, strong feel that is approachable. The curved lines and rounded end points add a soft, playful feel while the S and G add a carefree, fun-loving feeling. The logo mark not only reinforces the brand name, but adds a sense of adventure and confidence. The overall feeling is bold and fun.

The Style Guide is a reference tool for the best practices of use for brand assets. It includes colors, fonts, and acceptable and unacceptable examples of use, as well as other important information to ensure that the brand is represented consistantly. Click the link above to view the Silly Girilly Brand Style Guide.